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Underfloor Heating or Radiators?

If you had a choice, would you want a heating system that keeps your home delightfully warm and comfortable without huge heating bills or a heating system that concentrates heat in one portion of the room?

In effect, this is making a choice between underfloor heating, a heating system hidden beneath your feet, or radiators.


Save Money without Being Cold!


We all know that global warming is a big problem and that by burning fossil fuels – oil, coal and gas – we are adding to the problem.

We also know that we need to conserve heat because it is expensive. And yet, being cold is not good for our health. So where can we turn for comfort and heat in the cold winter months?


Why Underfloor Heating?


Underfloor heating has many benefits, all covered in this comprehensive comparison guide to Underfloor Heating Vs. Radiators;

  • Underfloor heating is a healthier way to heat the home

  • It is a cheaper, affordable way of heating your home

  • Installation is not as hard nor as expensive as you think

  • It is a heating system that delivers time after time, with little maintenance needed

  • It works with your current modern boiler and fuel type, as well as being compatible with ‘alternative’ sources of energy such as ground source heat

If you want to stay warm without costing the earth and emptying your bank account, take a look at what underfloor heating offers!

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