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Different Ways to Pay for a New Boiler

There's no way around it: purchasing a new boiler is never an attractive prospect for our wallets. And as we all know, things have a habit of breaking at the worst possible time - usually a week before Christmas, your home threatening to become an igloo. Or when you've just forked out for new motor wheels after a failed MOT. Or when you've literally just bought flights for the whole family to Málaga.

Different Ways to Pay for a New Boiler - D K JOINERY | Wirral

Perry's understand that life can get in the way. But we draw the line at ruling whether our customers can afford excellent quality. Here are various financing options we offer to help you purchase a new boiler, whatever your situation.

1. Pay in full upon completion.

When we are finished we supply a full invoice which can be paid easily by BACS transfer, or if you aren't technologically savvy we will still accept a cheque. We don't even require a deposit prior to starting work, because we love our customers that much!

2. Credit Card

We accept all major credit cards, subject to a 2.65% charge.

3. Buy Now Pay Later

We can install your boiler and you won’t pay a penny for six months. Nifty, eh? Terms and conditions apply.

4. Fully Financed (Worcester Boilers Only)

You can fully finance your boiler or central heating system. With an APR of just 9.9%, terms can range over 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 years - meaning you could pay as little as £30.90 per month. Use our calculator below to work out your monthly instalment. And you guessed it: no deposit necessary! Did we mention that Worcester is the only boiler manufacturer to be awarded Which? Best buy for six years running?

In some cases if you have an old boiler and are having it maintained on a service contract, investing in a new model and paying monthly can actually save you money. Whether you've come to us out of necessity or not, we strive to make paying for a new boiler as painless as possible.

We care about our customers at Perry's. By offering the most flexible options possible - without skimping on the quality of our products - we hope you will invest in your new boiler with us.

For further information or enquiries find us at Perry's - Complete Heating Experts Wirral, Merseyside

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