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How to Prepare your Home for Winter

Winter is an inevitability and while we all hope for a mild one without too much ice and snow, it never hurts to be prepared for the worst. When the preparation involves your home, it becomes even more important. So how can you prepare your home for the winter?

How to Prepare your home for Winter. D K JOINERY | Wirral

Heating System

There’s no doubt that during the winter, the heating system of your home comes into its own, but has it had a check up? If not, then it can be a good idea to have the boiler and radiators given a check over before the weather really starts to deteriorate. While you can never guarantee a breakdown won’t happen, by having your boiler checked before it starts working hard you can reduce the risk.

Pipes are most vulnerable to freezing during the winter with the water inside them expanding and causing them to burst. Part of the heating system check will often involve inspecting the pipes to ensure there are no obvious weaknesses and that they are protected where possible.

Guttering & Drains

Another hard working part of the house in autumn and winter is the guttering and drains. Throughout autumn, all those loose leaves and other bits of debris that fall into the guttering and can block it up. Alternatively it can flow through to the drains and cause a similar problem. It pays to either check or have someone check the guttering or drains in the lead up to winter to ensure that when the snow does come, it can slide off the roof and won’t bring the guttering with it.

Cut Back Trees And Shrubs

Once the guttering is clear, then it is a good idea to do what you can to keep them that way. This means trimming back trees and shrubs that overhang the guttering and drains to try and steer debris away. While a good tree surgeon might be needed for larger trees, most bushes and shrubs can be cut back without too much hassle even by someone without a green thumb – all you need is a pair of long handled loppers.

Check The House’s Insulation

A well insulated house can save over £100 a year on heating bills so not only does it make the house cosier during the coldest months, it saves you money on those costly electricity bills. But how do you know if your insulation is up to the job? There are services available that check the heat passing through the insulation while a simple ruler measurement will tell you how thick it is – check this against the current standard on the internet to see how yours measures up.

Hunt Down Drafts

While no house is ever completely sealed – and probably wouldn’t be healthy if it was – drafts can be a pain. They let the cold in and heat out but are relatively simple to track down. Take a candle or a lighter and hold it near windows or other joins to check for drafts but be careful to keep away from any curtains or other flammable materials!

Author Bio: Declan Small a Digital Marketer at Haldane Fisher, builder’s merchants with branches throughout the UK.


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