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At D K JOINERY | Wirral we can supply and install high quality kitchens tailored to suit your needs and your budget.

From first call to completion we are there for you all the way.

We'll assist you with advice on planning your dream kitchen so that your space is utilised efficiently. We'll even work hard to make you savings. We do exceptionally competitive prices. Just ask us!

Call direct on 07986 44 50 31 to arrange your Free No Obligation Estimate.

A Top room in the Home to be Renovated! Why?

Because as we all know, "The kitchen is the heart of the home,"  & "All good parties end up in kitchens." Do yours? Our kitchens are the central hub of the home, it's where good food & conversation come together.

A Taster of some of our Handy Work in the Kitchen...

pdf brochure - Kitchens

We Recommend...




We at D K Joinery are happy to fit any kitchen you require from whatever company you wish to choose. It may be that you've already purchased it!


But if you were to ask us, 'Who do we recommend?' Then we would have to answer, "Always Howdens." Why? Because they have a reputation for excellent quality and good priced kitchens to suit all budgets. We are happy to put our company name to quality materials that make our customers smile!


Speaking of smiling, due to our company having good relations with 'Howdens' means that we can save our customer's money and who doesn't want to save precious sterling pounds?


Click on the PDF link below for a copy of 'Howdens' kitchen brochure & give us a call to arrange a 'Free Estimate' today!


Tel: 07986 44 50 31 or Email us at:

Howdens Kitchen Brochure - pdf - D K JOINERY | Wirral
Howdens Kitchen Page Recommended by D K JOINERY | Wirral

Click on the Howdens badge to view their Kitchen pages.

See One of Howdens Kitchens in Action...

Howdens Kitchen Vido DemonstrationRecommended by D K JOINERY | Wirral
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