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Our Home is one Large Window Display to who we Are!

So, who do you think you are? Why not ask a new friend on their first visit to your house for a first impressions review! A bit like a David Frost 'Through the Keyhole' episode; "Who lives in a house like this?" scenario. I'm showing my age here aren't I? Or why not ask the electric meter reader guy on his next visit to your home. Ok, maybe not, that's taking the weirdness a little too far! Scrap the latter!

Our home Is One Large Window Display To Who We Are! - D K JOINERY | Wirral

What does this window display communicate?

Luxury & Glamour?

But really, our homes reveal so much about us. It really is one large window display to who we really are. Our home might as well be our daily journal littered with our most intimate thoughts that we dread anyone ever finding. Well, news for all you journal or ex-journal writers, your home is brimming with much more!


So you Think your Interestingly Deep & Mysterious?


Ok so you think you're interestingly deep and mysterious? Wrong! Before openly divulging who we really are verbally, our interests, what we like and dislike, our opinions, concerns and things that wake us up in the middle of the night are almost already out there in the big wide world for all to see if you have an astute, analytical mind that's intrigued by the human psyche, let's say for example, Sherlock Holmes (Cumberbatch variety of course!) Ok, so there's not many of those folk out there, so we're safe from preying eyes after all! Well, not quite.

I guess what I'm trying to say, is that we all have the ability to glean information about people before they open their very mouths, and there is plenty of information dispersed to the attentive eye. That's why we're so fascinated by people. For example, what about the books people read? A good Agatha Christie, 'Who done it?' murder mystery? The latest edition of the 'New Scientist' magazine? The large cumbersome 'Daily Telegraph' of which turning and folding is an understated art? What about a person's style of clothing? What fashions do they follow? Grunge, preppy or goth? Are they disheveled or neat, squeaky clean and well groomed? Then there's body language and facial disposition; smiling and relaxed, pensive eyes, a twisted disgruntled mouth. Then there's the muscular contoured tight body, the lean body, and the more 'I don't care anymore, I just love food,' body. Ok, so I think you get my point, I've definitely strained out this argument enough I think! I heard that!


Visual Divulges Information Quickly & Clearly


So, let's take that rough ideology and put it into the home. Your home. What does your home say about you? It holds all your cherished possessions. It tells people where you've travelled, photographs of people you love, colour schemes that sometimes reflect our general disposition. The highly strung sometimes show fastidious attention to precision and symmetry. The chilled demonstrate a more casual, comfortable, lived in homely feel. Then there's the just down right cluttered and messy vibe - puddled thinkers? or quite possibly eccentric genius'! Then there's books, films, ornaments, soft furnishings or hard materials, old fashioned furniture or minimalistic furniture. All these things are not just things, they tell people what's important to us, how our thinking is structured etc etc etc! Yes, the list is endless! We divulge who we are just by simply inviting people through our doors. Apologies if I've scared the living daylights out of you and you don't have family or friends around for the next month! Did you just let out a sigh uttering the words, 'Ah, peace?'


Our Home is an Expression of who we Are!


So why are we discussing this? 'Who cares!' you say. Well, of course we don't want to change who we are because we think people will know too much about us, that's not the point at all, and why would we or should we? Rather, being aware of this makes us look at our homes in a different light. It drives us to be more attentive to making our home a home and not just some space to be lived in, but instead an expression of who we are. We want to share that, it's a behaviour of the majority, stamping our personality on something.

Companies around the world do it all the time, until their designs and styles become so well known, that people can distinguish their brand by simply looking at it. Even before spotting their logo. Their brand is proudly stating, "We made that. That's what represent's us!"

Think of the successful world of all things 'Apple.' Do we struggle to distinguish 'Apple' gadgets from the 'Android' or 'Windows' gadget? I should certainly hope not! I think even our dearest grandmother's would get that right! Apple have most certainly stamped their personality all over their brand. What comes to your mind when you think Apple? No, not the fruit! Does it call out in a cool, dignified fashion; 'stylish,' 'sleek,' 'minimal' & 'clean.' Does it ooze 'youth,' 'sophistication' & darn right 'expense?' It does if you want these descriptive tags hanging from you baby! Metaphorically of course. That's what most of us conclude, because that's how they've marketed their company. That's their personality.

What about the 'White Company?' Do they not conjure up in the minds of their audience waking up in crisp white linen sheets, plump duvets, and feeling the whisper-softness of pulling on a cashmere jumper upon rising, after a shower in their Verveine shower gel of course! I'm sold already! But, doesn't everywhere sell these products in white some may argue? Ah yes, but do they showcase their products in the same luxuriant way? The contrast of pure bright white products tastefully presented across their stores with understated and simple packaging. And yes, you've guessed it, in white of course, with the contrast of clean black typography. Simplicity, quality and luxury is what they are promoting and it's obviously working, as despite other quality companies selling white products, people have been running to the 'White Company's' stores for over 22 years and they are currently expanding into North America!

So in conclusion, if I haven't lost you already or if you haven't ran out of the door in haste to impulse buy at your local 'Apple' or 'White Company' store! The impression these companies wish to make has worked. Business' call it branding, but it's more than that, it's building a personality or image that creates connections with people. That tell's people who they are and what they stand for. That draws people through their doors and on to their web pages.

So don't just make do with the same bland living space that most homes in your road have, that look like they've fell off the front of an Argos catalogue. It doesn't have to be expensive. Just a little ingenuity is needed. Go online and be inspired. Fill your home with fingerprints of you and stamp your personality all over it. After all that's what makes a house a home. That's why we form attachments to our home and it's what helps encourage social bonds amongst us complex little creatures! It's an eccentric slant on communication I know! But had you ever viewed your home like that before?

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