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As the Dark Winter Nights Draw in ask Yourself: "Is Home Really Home?"

On your commute home from a long day at work or running around after the kids, what is it you anticipate most when you arrive home on a dark winters evening? Warmth? Comfort? A little indulgence? All three I hear you answer! So, ask yourself, 'Is home really home then?'

As the Dark Winter Nights Draw In, Ask Yourself, "Is Home Really Home?" - D K JOINERY | Wirral

Is it? 'What do you mean?' I hear you lament! Or more like, 'What on earth are you talking about?'

Well, it's yet again that time of year, when the dark winter nights draw in and most of us begin to settle into 'hibernation mode!' I know we're not animals, but when the temperature drops and the days become shorter our lifestyle habits change dramatically. Warm 'Flat Whites' instead of 'Pimms' & lemonades. Hot hearty stews instead of avocado salads. Cable knitted jumpers replace loose cotton shirts & blouses. Even the genre of music we listen to changes and good old BBC and ITV air slightly better quality viewings for the 'habitual winter hibernator!' I'm not making this up, it's a proven science!


Is Home Really Home?


So, what does the time of year and our habits have to do with our home really being a home?

Because it's at this time of year that we venture from the great outdoors to indoors! Yes, it's time to put our 'sunnies' away & dig out our woolies! No doubt over the past warmer months we've enjoyed holidays away in the sun, days out at the beach with the family, garden barbecue parties over the weekends that soar into the late summer evenings or lingered over long al fresco brunches & a pino-grigio with friends! Let's face it, we've barely seen our home this summer!

So all those long postponed home improvements have been put on hold. It's ok, we're all guilty on this account! How does the age old adage go? 'Out of sight, out of mind!' Very true! But now the cooler temperatures bring us back indoors, and our eyes suddenly become drawn to it's imperfections. The tired kitchen that's dated with handles missing and drawers that jam or don't close anymore. The flooring that's begun to swell and lift due to many a spillage! The avocado bathroom suite that refuses to get along with the rest of your bathroom decor! No, surely no-one possess one of those still? Do they? No doubt there must be some defiantly hanging onto walls somewhere crying Electric Light Orchestra's 'It's A Living Thing,' from the top of it's voice!


Does Home Lovingly Welcome You With Open Arms?


So if you fit the above criteria then roll up your sleeves, it's time to stop procrastinating and start nesting for the winter! Our home needs to become a warm winter retreat that lovingly welcomes us with open arms!

Not convinced? Let's set the scenario! You've had a long arduous day at work or running around after the kids. You know the kind I'm talking about. You're recalling it now aren't you? The kind that starts out disastrously wrong from the minute you leave your warm comfortable bed and concludes when you return home damp & cold from the blustering wind & rain that's harassed you on your commute home. Question: What do you most anticipate? Indeed, what we all anticipate and without haste! Slumbering on your soft textile sofa in front of your roaring flamed fire, hugging a cuppa in your hands and letting out a contended sigh. We're english, this is what we do! Let's go a stage further, let's add a waft of some homemade hearty cooking coming from your lovely kitchen & the promise of a hot bubbly bath before falling into bed. Is that not the picture you had imagined after an awfully cold and tiring winters day? If the answer to that was no, then you're probably not a resident of Blighty living 3,887 long miles from the equator!


Creature Comforts Make Home Absolutely Wonderful!


Or maybe it's because you don't have a home filled with all the creature comforts that make home absolutely wonderful, a sanctuary that makes the arduous day worth fighting your way through!

Can you think of areas of your home that need a little attention? A little tlc? A little updating? Then why not give it the attention it deserves, it's the place that we live after all! According to recent figures we spend on average 45% of our lives at home and that's if we're social animals! If not, then that percentage goes up! If we work from home then do the math! It's a lotta time spent at home.

So why not make a start at updating those neglected areas of your home, the one's that you've put off for years! It doesn't have to be silly expensive. With good planning and a savvy spirit pretty much anything can be done on a well organised budget. Remember too that refurbishing our home is one of the best ways we can utilise our money, it adds value to our property. It's an investment!

So how would you answer? 'Is your home really home?'

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