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Baby It's Cold Outside! 10 Ways To Make Home Warm & Cosy this Winter!

I don't know about you, but autumn has got to be a favourite season of mine. It gently eases us into the coldest time of the year, winter!

There's something wonderful about wrapping up with your favourite knitted scarf & gloves, stepping into your boots and braving out into the cold, crisp day and seeing your breath filter into the air.

Baby It's Cold Outside! 10 Ways to Make Home Warm & Cosy for Winter - D K JOINERY | Wirral

Interestingly, nature has an amazing way of helping us feel cosy despite the cooler temperatures at this time of year. Nature's foliage begins to change in colour, displaying fiery reds, warm oranges, golden yellows and chestnut browns. 'They're just dying off!' I hear you utter. True, but the colours they display are very fitting to nature's attempt at helping us feel a little warmer inside. How thoughtful!

So if you want to keep the chill out this winter then let's take some of natures principles and begin bringing those ideas into our homes before the coldest season is here!


1. Make your Fireside a Cosy Haven


Make Your Fireside a Cosy Haven!

There’s nothing more comforting than sitting around a roaring fire when temperatures plummet outside. So why not draw your armchairs closer to the warmth, and add soft cushions and cosy throws that you and your guests will want to curl up with.

If you don't have a fire or can't build one, what about a cluster of chunky candles and empty wine bottles with thin tapered candles in the top? They too can create a warm glowing focal point. Why not add some logs for decoration too. There's more than one way of skinning a cat!


2. Layer up in the Bedroom


Layer up in the Bedroom

To begin with consider simply switching your duvet to a heavier tog to snuggle up to. Add wooly throws at the base of your bed for extra back up for those of you who share your bed with blanket stealers! Extra cushions, pillows and fabrics bring warmth and depth to even the coldest of rooms.

Lest we forget, sliding out of bed in the morning! You all know what I'm talking about here. So a soft rug or sheepskin underfoot will keep your toes warm as you step out of bed on those dark chilly mornings.


3. Keep those Breezy Drafts Out


Keep Those Breezy Drafts Out!

A draft excluder kit can be bought cheaply at any local hardware store and be fitted around your doors throughout the home, stopping those expensive kilowatts escaping your warm rooms and disappearing into thin air!

If you don't feel confident fitting one of those. Why not try adding luxurious heavy fabric curtains across your drafty door and make a classy statement too!


4. Be Bold and go for Darker Colours


Be Bold & Go for Darker Colours

Don't be scared, be bold and choose darker colours for a richer, warmer feel. Dark Italian brown leather furnishings & deep bold teal paintwork are used here in this example. If tempered with a little contrasting colour, like this warm orange, you'll avoid a gloomy result and create an intimate winter retreat.

Break out the decanter and crystal cut glasses and pour me a whiskey!


5. Create a Cosy Reading Corner


Create A Cosy Reading Corner

At this time of year we tend to be more inclined to curl up with a good book. You can create this look at little cost too.

A big soft chair, a reading light, some throws and a cushion is all that is needed to create a quiet cosy reading corner away from noise and distraction. Invest in a timeless fabric chair that will age beautifully, such as tweed, wool or leather. You may even wish to have a small table with some of your favourite books stacked on top or displayed in a bookcase behind.

The key is simplicity, as it's a place to relax, escape, and wind down away from the distractions that are normally found in most rooms of our 21st century homes. Less is definitely more here!


6. Introduce Textures & Textiles


Introduce Textures & Textiles

Texture definitely adds dimension to a room. It appeals to our senses, both visual and tactile, which makes a room interesting.

If we like many today have cold wooden flooring, why not dress it with a warm sumptuous rug. We can bring texture to our walls easily these days with textured finished paints or pieces of art.

We can introduce materials such as rustic warm wooden pieces of furniture and stone or why not expose a little brick work? Last but by no means least, a variety of cushions and throws are a definite must!


7. Pattern can Bring Depth


Pattern Can Bring Depth

So the trick to introducing lots of pattern to a room which does bring added warmth and depth is to treat the walls like one big blank canvas, keep it neutral. Go for soft warm creams or gentle grey's. Let the artwork and furnishings take centre stage.

For large pieces of furniture like your sofa, go for a darker neutral shade and try and keep it classic, so that it never goes out of fashion. That way you can update and change cushions and accessories accordingly.

A patterned rug is sometimes a good place to start and then pick out it's colours and introduce it to other parts of the room. Be brave and have a go!


8. Choose Warm Shades


Choose Warm Shades

Bring some heat to your room and choose toasty shades like the flame red used here in this kitchen. The materials of brick and steel could leave this kitchen feeling rather chilly but notice how a warm colour brings heat to the room.

Warm colours can be introduced into rooms using furniture, painting feature walls or adding accessories and soft furnishings. Try using warm woods like this kitchen worktop too, their earthy tones can help soften a room.


9. Lights that Glow with Subtlety


Lights That Glow with Subtlety

Lamps, candles or twinkle lights arranged in a well chosen spot in your room will create a warm temperature that makes any room glow in winter.

Twinkle lights are so versatile and come in all sorts of styles and colours now so let your imagination flow. Why not try putting some in an old wine bottle or glass vase to bring soft ambient tones to a dark dull corner.


10. Common Sense & Practicality


Common Sense & Practicality

Make sure the boiler's had a service in preparation for it's many months of working laboriously to keep you toasty!

Set your boiler's timer for dark early morning rises and warm welcome home's at the end of the day.

And make sure you can put your hand on your hot water bottle at any given moment!

For those who may be electric blanket-less, warm up your bed with your hot bottie and sleep soundly!

So, get ready to embrace the British winter and it will prove to be warmer than you expect!

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Don't forget, the clocks go back 2am, Sun 29th Oct, 2017.

Enjoy an extra hours sleep!

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