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Check out our Website. It's had a Makeover!

It's been a little over a year since our website launched in September 2015. Since then we've had such a positive response from Wirral Merseyside. The phone hasn't stopped ringing, our inbox has been hammered and we are now booked up until March 2017 already! So we thought it only good manner's to make our customer's experience even better when they visit our website!


Check out our website. It's had a makeover! D K JOINERY | Wirral

Our customer's give us positive feedback about their user experience when they visit our site. But we hope our updates help make their user experience even better! Have a look at some of our new features...


Some New Features...



We've given the layout a little update by making certain details such as contacting us etc more accessible. The theme colours still reflect our brand but it's been given a little face lift making for a simple and more clarified visual experience. Our header has changed too, helping our customer's see what our trade is straight away; joinery & building! ;-)


Since we depend on demonstrating our skills and workmanship in order to show new customer's what we do, we have more links to our video projects at our You Tube channel. We also have 2 new short adverts found on our 'Home' page and 'Contact' page designed to tell our customer's who we are, what we do and the procedure from 'call' to 'completion' very quickly.

User Experience:

There's nothing worse than perusing a website and struggling to find what you are looking for, or arduously having to flick back and forth, it's enough to make you give up and go elsewhere! So we have linked all our pages in a way that can help you find everything quickly and with ease. So, you'll find that our badges, images and text have shortcuts to where you need to go next.

Need to give us a call but haven't got pen and paper to write it down? No worries, now you can just click on our number found at the top of each page & various other places on our site and simply save it to your phones address book and give us a call! Hassle free!

New Pages/New Information:

Our customer's seem to ask similar questions when speaking to us, they ask; 'How long before you get back to me?' 'What time do you arrive on site?' 'How do we go about making payment?' 'Do you do joinery only?' etc. So we thought it best to get these down on a 'FAQ' page so you have all your answers at your very fingertips! If our 'FAQ' page doesn't cover it then simply email us with any further questions or just give us a ring! :-)

You'll also find at the bottom of our 'About Us' page a link to our blog showing 10 'Ways We Work to Satisfy Our Customer's Old & New' and what to expect from our services to you.

So if you've used us before and you search our site only to find a new and younger looking face, don't be alarmed, you're not on the wrong site, it's still us; D K JOINERY - WIRRAL - Joinery & Building Services.

Come and say hello again!

Why not take a peak now and have a look for yourself!

Please feel free to leave us any feedback you feel helpful to us via our 'Contact Form' at the bottom of our 'Contact' page.

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