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Staircase Renovations Are Stealing the Spotlight in the British Home!

Kitchens and bathrooms have always stolen the spotlight when it comes to upgrading the family home. To a prospective buyer their finish is high up on the list as they are costly rooms to renovate! However, the humble staircase that carries you from floor to floor and off to bed at night is finding its handrails and spindles under scrutiny as it's usually the first feature observed upon entering the home!

Bespoke Imperial Oak Staircase Inc. Storage & Oak Panelling - Bebington, Wirral, Merseyside - D K JOINERY - Wirral

A bespoke Imperial Oak Staircase - Bebington, Wirral, Merseyside by D K JOINERY - Wirral


Handrails & Spindles Under Scrutiny!


So why is our view of the once humble staircase changing? Why is it now commanding a majestic spot in the family home? Simply put, we've all heard of the old adage, "First impressions count!"

The latest university research in the US found that we do indeed "judge a book by it's cover!" They carried out a study and found that first impressions were quickly formed from simply looking at a photograph and thus predicted how people felt and thought even after a live interaction that took place one - six months later.*

Bespoke Imperial Oak Staircase Inc. Storage & Oak Panelling - Bebington, Wirral, Merseyside - D K JOINERY - Wirral

A short video of a bespoke Imperial Oak Staircase we fitted in Bebington, Wirral, Merseyside

by D K JOINERY - Wirral


Does Your Staircase Alarm or Allure?


So how confident are you feeling should you decide to host a dinner party at your home for work colleagues this weekend? Or more importantly, invite a prospective buyer to scrutinise your home? Will your staircase alarm or allure? If you're out to impress or it's a sale that you're after then maybe an upgrade is needed.

Your kitchen and bathroom maybe stunning with integrated mod cons and a fabulous finish but will your prospective buyer make it to your feature rooms? And will first impressions leave a sour taste in their mouths despite the kitchen or bathroom you're so proud of at the back of the house?

Family, friends and memories are what contribute to making our house a home. That's what makes home so wonderfully brilliant! But it's also what stops us having the same perspective as prospective buyers etc entering our property for the very first time. Recall the last time you searched for a new home. What was you're perspective? What were you're reactions?

If you're thinking about having a new staircase refurbishment and need advice or would like a 'Free No Obligation Estimate,' then give us a call. We can fit your staircase in just 2 days! It's what we specialise in!

For more information go to our Staircase page & download the Richard Burbidge catalogue for ideas.


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