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Tradesmen! Let's Help you get your Groove on at Work!

Music is a well known motivator! It has the capacity to energise and increase our endurance, helping us work better, longer and harder!


Getting You Through your Day with A Smile!


Tradesmen! Let's Help you get your Groove on at Work! - d K JOINERY | Wirral - Spotify Playlists...

Ok, so we love music, who doesn't? But what about the tradesmen who graft all day on someone's home, improving it and making it look great? Music can make a 8-4 day seem like a breeze!

Really? Yep, that's why companies like Makita, Dewalt, Milwaukee and Bosch who are major power tool companies for the handy tradesman invest millions of pounds in a line of robust music box's built for tough wear and tear on site!

So can music really improve our day on site whilst sawing away at wood, soldering pipework, wiring up an RCD unit and brick laying and so forth? Of course!

Music is commonly known to go hand in hand with the local gym. Why? Because it's a motivator!

We even have varied tempo's to suit the job, the pace, the mood: 120 bpm - 180 bpm!

Check the facts out below...


4 ways music helps you

feel good, work longer, better and harder...


1. Nervous System - Music has the ability to engage the body’s sympathetic nervous system. This readies the body for action whenever we face a challenge in our environment = Energy!

2. Focus - Focusing on a favourite song combats de-motivating brain signals associated with fatigue or boredom. Music has been shown to increase positive feelings about the intensity of the exercise at hand = Positive Mood Enhancer!

3. Brain Synchronisation - Examining patterns of electrical activity across the brain when listening to music suggests that synchronisation of brain signals is important for linking perceptual, cognitive and motor processes = Co-Ordination.

4. Attention - The frontal and parietal lobes, acts to enhance neural activity in areas that contribute to whatever we are focused on and reduce activity from other areas of the brain. Music has the capacity to draw our attention away from the negative aspects of a task = Physical & Mental Endurance.


Let's help you fellow tradesmen get

your groove on at work!


So that's why we'll be putting playlists together for you. Not just because we're nice, but because we want you to love your job, breeze through your day's and work extra hard for your paying customer's!

So click on the badge below and start following us!

If you have any requests or a favourite genre just email us and we'll be right on it!

We've made a start by uploading our 1st playlist... 'Neon Work Day.'

Neon? Yep, bringing some gentle electronic poppy vibrance to your day to help wind you down when you're feeling wound up! When your day's not going your way!

Rock, Pop or Folk your day out Tradesmen!


Whatever Float's Your Boat!


Want to purchase a robust radio you can plug your 'Spotify' playing phone into? Then click on the links below...

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