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Why you can Trust us to 'Help make your House a Home!'

Find out in our new 49 second video that tells Wirral and all of Merseyside who we are and what we do!

Why you can Trust us to 'Help make your House a Home!' - D K JOINERY | Wirral

Click on this image and see who we are & what we do for customers on Wirral, Merseyside.

We want to tell our new customer's quickly who we are and what we can do for them without them having to wade arduously through wordy pages of text!

If you're searching for a reliable tradesman in your local area then you need to see what companies can do for you quickly. Most people today don't have time to read a five minute article, life is busy. We love pictures, they tell us so much! Is their work professional? What type of work do they do? Do they do it well? etc That's why our website is littered with them. It gives new customer's confidence in the services you provide.

But video too remains a popular and preferred way of communicating information quickly to an audiences ear!


Can anyone really say they don't have 49 seconds in their life to take a peak?


What else could we be doing with our precious time in those 49 seconds? Well, we tested this out!

  • 25 push ups! Exhausting. Never again! We need a lie down!

  • Running downstairs to open the front door to a visitor. Again requires far too much labour, especially if the visitor is not welcome! We jest of course!

  • Lacing up your lovely shoes. Mmm... Truly riveting! We must do it more often, just for fun!

So why not put the kettle on which takes on average a whopping 2-3 minutes to boil for your lovely brew and you could watch our new video up to 3 times! But if you find that you're so excited that you require popcorn for the video then you'll only get to view it twice as 'cinema sweet' requires 1 minute for popping! Ding!

Enjoy the movie! Or rather, our 49 second video of who we are and what we do for customer's on Wirral, Merseyside!

'Let us help you 'Make Your House A Home!'



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