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Are you 'Bond' of your Bachelor Pad?

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

So agent 007, you have the gadgets? - A rubiks cube!

Your vehicle? - A 50cc moped! ​

Dare I ask about your bachelor pad? - Er...

Are You 'Bond' of Your Bachelor Pad? - D K JOINERY | Wirral

Ok, so you may not drive an Aston Martin DB10, after all in all fairness to you, there where only 10 made costing a whopping £24 million pounds each! And you may not care for Martini's shaken but not stirred either. But how does your bachelor pad fair? Does it say your 'Bond' of your pad?

In other words, what vibes is your home giving off? What does it say about you? Does it impress or deter the ladies? Does it prove you to be irresistible or does it shriek in the highest possible octave known to any operatic vocalist, "I'm clueless! Mother, where is your dust pan and brush! Get to it!" Sobering questions for the single male.

Maintain a consistent brand...

Ok, so a potential mate doesn't want to conclude that you're in need of the latter for obvious reasons. No woman wants to be your mother, only your lover, mate & friend! If she suspects otherwise, she's outta there! You're on your own in your chair with another microwave dinner for one in just 4 minutes! What the heck, let's throw in a cat for company too. Enjoy!

Living Room: The place to entertain guests & impress...

At the moment, you may think that old, tired pieces of furniture passed down from your mother's great grandma in tatters is much sort after vintage fair, but not if it's not a classic piece and in bad condition. Or what about that black ash veneered MDF piece your college buddy wanted to get rid of when you were 21, so you said, "I'll have it if it's going free!" No Sir! I'm sure it served a purpose in the past but now it's time to make an effort, de-crumb that sofa and smarten up your manly domain, if indeed you wish to capture a ladies interest.


"Miss Money-penny, take a look at my pad!"


​So, ask yourself, what would Bond do? Why is it that the ladies are drawn to him in such a magnetic manner? Don't fret, we're not saying it's a full wallet and a 'la-de-dah' million pound apartment on the river Thames in London that's going to give you that Bond essence, let's be realistic here! And anyway that often attracts another kind of women! The kind that would probably scare the living daylights out of you, boil a bunny and throw your emptied wallet at you and leave, never looking back at your frightened, crushed self! No, we're not talking about that!

Kitchen: The place to concoct the perfect Martini...

So what are we talking about? It's about building your "brand," so to speak. What does that mean you ask? Well, put frankly, the female of the species notices everything about you. She will pay attention to the details, it's in her nature. Your character, smile, clothes, and even your home. So, to the woman's eye, all these details build up a "brand" of who you are. It speaks volumes about you. It communicates to the opposite sex how you might treat her. Sometimes charm alone isn't always enough. If you think these terms are harsh, then just take a minute to reflect on your own expectations of the opposite sex. A'ha... enough said!


So, here are a few tips to get that Bond feel...


Study: The ideal man cave...

The Bachelor pad's definition:

​​It's the one place where you can do whatever you want and decorate how you please. That’s because you’re the only one that's living there. However, there are principles to consider in order to get it right.

Less is more...​​

1. Only include in the décor the things that you use. Forget about what other people like to see in their homes and what everybody else does. Just focus on you and your needs. So exclude useless decorations unless they’re also functional and don’t spend money and time searching for items you’ll never use. Maintain clean lines. Less is more!

Feature pieces...

2. Have a feature piece/object in the room that you can enjoy and relate to. It might be a pool table, record collection or a mini bar. Have a showpiece that's practical and dictate's the rooms atmosphere.

Keep it simple...

3. Whenever you have more than one option, always gravitate to the simplest one. For example, if you have to choose between a simple curtain hanging from a rod and ruffled curtains with all sorts of decorations and useless details, the first option is the one for you.

Bathroom: Where you splash on the cologne ready for an evening out...

So, once you've acquired that sophisticated 'Bond' look, you'll no doubt find yourself sauntering around the house in your best tailored suit and skinny tie with Bond's theme tune playing out in your head. You observe your cut reflection in the mirror as you splash on some cologne and there you have it, you're oozing a new revitalised confidence. "The name's Bond, James Bond!" - "Miss. Money-penny, take a look at my pad!"​

Bedroom: His domain...

So now we've established the fundamental principles in attaining that Bond like bachelor pad feel, take a look at the links below for some inspiring examples to assist you in attaining this sort after look!​

We'd love to hear from you, so why not share with us pictures of your bachelor pad & how you've attained that grown up sophisticated feel.

Or if you have a project in mind and need some assistance contact

D K Joinery on; Tel: 07986 44 50 31 or Email us at:

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