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Bespoke Planters to Order!

Planters are popular for adding height, dimension and interest to your garden. It's a way to showcase your favourite flowers and shrubs. But many find that they are overpriced, not the right size or design for their purpose. That's were D K Joinery | Wirral can help.

Due to a heightened interest from our customer's on the Wirral we have listened to your feedback and are now taking orders for custom built planters made to measure for your purpose.

Here's a few we made earlier using rough sawn timber with a popular contemporary finish!


  • All custom made planter's are robust using quality materials that are lined with both OSB Board & Antinox surface protection.

  • Quality Gorilla* wood glue is also used for extra protection giving additional support to the screwed timber from moving and curling, making for a solid framework and adding to it's longevity.

  • All external timber is tanalised for weather protection.**


  • Pallets are incorporated within the base before being lined allowing 4-5 inches of space from the ground. Once lined with OSB board and the Antinox surface protection, drainage holes are made for the outlet of any excess water.

  • We advise in some cases to assist the planters drainage you might find it advantageous to read the following article; 'What to Use to Keep the Drainage Holes in A Planter from Clogging'***


  • Please make your orders well in advance so as to avoid disappointment as bookings fill up quickly.

  • Prices will depend on the size and style you require, so please feel free to enquire for further details.


  • Delivery is free! However, for those ordering extra large planters or several, it will incur a small charge. Please ask upon your enquiry.

  • We only take orders for customer's living within the Wirral, Merseyside.

Treating & Preserving

  • Although your planter's external timber is tanalised providing some weather protection we do still advise that you treat your planter as soon as possible (within the first month of purchasing) using either an external clear timber protection/oil or external paint which can be found at all good diy stores such as B & Q.****

  • For advice on the varieties of protection available and what is best to use for your required purpose then please visit B & Q's 'Exterior Paint Buying Guide.'

*Gorilla Glue: "America's Best selling glue fixes almost everything! Stone, Wood, Metal & more!"

**Weather protection: Although the external timber is tanalised we do encourage you to treat your planter as soon as possible (within the 1st month of purchasing) using either an external clear timber protection/oil or external paint which can be found at all good diy stores such as B&Q etc Please see link under section; 'Treating & Preserving' labelled, 'B & Q's Exterior Paint Buying Guide.'

***Drainage: Please read the recommended article (under section; 'Drainage' labelled, ' What to use to keep the drainage holes in a planter from clogging,') for drainage assistance as we cannot be held responsible for any soil clogging or root damage to your plants.

****Treating & Preserving: If left untreated or treated too late (later than the first month of purchasing) we cannot be responsible for any damage that the weather may cause to your planter.

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