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How to add Value to your Home!

At present it's proving more and more expensive to up and move home. The average property cost in Britain has risen by 5.3% this year including increases in stamp duty too. On top of that are estate agent fee's, surveyor's fee's and solicitors fees! Exhausted just thinking about it? Many are! No wonder more and more people are choosing to upgrade and expand their homes making for a happier living environment whilst adding value to their property. A good investment!

How to Add Value to your Home! D K JOINERY | Wirral

A survey of 500 people in the UK looking to buy a home in the next three years found the average amount they expected to need for moving costs was a little over half the likely actual cost, at £6,895. The North West would expect to pay an average of £7,405 whilst the South East of England would expect to pay an average of £16,510 and Londoner's a whopping £27,946!

The average cost of moving is forecast to increase further, reaching £15,414 by the end of 2020 - but the research also found that 84% of prospective homebuyers were under-estimating the cost of moving.


Improve Rather Than Move!


Why not take a look at some of our tips in our infographic and see how you can add value to your home...


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