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How we Work to Satisfy our Customers, old & New!

At D K JOINERY we have been providing our Joinery & Building Services across the Wirral and Merseyside for nearly 32 years!

95% of our business comes through customer recommendations. That's happy customer's who confidently recommend us to family, friends and work colleagues etc

That's why we've become an established trade that people can trust!

How we Work to Satisfy our Customer's, old & New! - D K JOINERY | Wirral


Why Our Customers Love Us...


Check out some standard ways we listen, serve & care for our customers.

1. We Make It Our Business to Get Back to You!

We understand that you have aspirations of improving your lovely home, and are eagerly awaiting our call so as to get on with the work.

When you leave us a voicemail, contact us via email or our website, we make it our aim to get back to you within 24hrs. After all, we don't want to lose your custom do we?

2. We Carry Out Free Estimates & Quotes at Your Home

We are happy to visit your home without charge at a time suitable to you & draw up a verbal 'estimate'* or 'quote'* (with a paper copy to follow upon your request & upon your go ahead to carry out required works).

3. We Love to Make You Savings!

We all love a good deal or discount!

Wherever we can, we like to make savings for our customers. That's why we pass on all the 'trade discounts' we receive upon purchase of materials to you, yes you, our customer! Hurrah!

4. We Like to Get Things on Paper!

Once we've visited your lovely home and you've happily agreed to our verbal 'estimate'* or 'quote'* we've made to carry out works, we like to get confirmation on paper for our protection & your protection. It means we want your signature along with ours, no, not your autograph, unless you're famous!

5. Bookings - "If It's In the Diary, We'll Be There!"

At D K Joinery we have a motto; "If it's in the diary, we'll be there!"

If we promise to carry out works on an arranged date then we like to stick to it. You won't receive phone calls moving you about or going awol for weeks at a time because we have overbooked or prioritised other customers.

We value your custom and want to do business with you again in the future!

6. We Like to Be On Time!

Call us old fashioned but we like to arrive at your home on time!

Depending on your preferences, we usually arrive on site at 8am after picking up any required materials en-route. If you prefer us to arrive earlier or a little later, then just let us know.

7. At the End of the Phone or an Email Away, Should You Need Us For Anything

Our services are not just about our perfected skills & labours carried out at your home, albeit important!

From your first contact with us until payment is complete, we are here for you and happy to assist in any way we can.

8. A Top Priority - An Honest Days Work

It's an obvious one and to be expected of course, but not something that is honoured by many work professionals today - Yes, an honest days work!

You won't see us arriving late and finishing early, unless we've completed the job at lightening speed of course! You won't see us idly wasting time or having long tea breaks.

We have a reputation for working hard and at a good momentum. We want you to see value for your hard earned precious pounds.

9. We Respect Your Home, Your Little Haven

True, some jobs are dirtier than others, but when carrying out works we make every effort to keep areas as clean & tidy as possible, we respect your home.

You don't want to be shelling out money for new carpets to be fitted or cleaned do you? We imagine not, and we don't want you to either!

It's not a building site, this is your home, your little haven!

10. We Love Our Customer's But We Do Require Payment for Our Services!

There are several ways payment can be made to us as follows;

  • Cash upon completion of works**

  • Cheque upon completion of works**

  • Bank Transfer to D. Boyd - Acc No: 13091131 - Sort Code: 52-21-43 upon completion of works**

Upon your request, we can happily provide an invoice with a breakdown of costs and savings made to you for your records.


It's A Win, Win for All!


So, if you're asking, 'why are you so reliable, trustworthy and making me savings? - What's the catch?'

Simply put... There isn't one. It's what some call a 'win, win' situation.

Win No 1: We provide our services to you as best as we can with the goal of always aiming to keep you happy.

Win No 2: You are so ecstatic about our workmanship, services and savings that you can't help but recommend us to all you're family, friends, neighbours & colleagues!

And there we have it folk! Some simple reasons why our customer's love us.

To all those potential new customer's out there, you know where we are if you need us to "help you make you're house a home!"


See What Some of Our Customer's Have to

Say About Us...


Check out all of our reviews from our happy customer's via our Testimonial page, our Google Business page or our Facebook page.

* An 'estimate' is a guideline of how long a larger job i.e.conversions etc will take, based on a 'day rate.' Whereas 'quotes' are a fixed price for the whole job and are usually applied to smaller jobs that are unlikely to incur any unforeseen works i.e. Doors, staircases etc

** Only if it is a 'fixed price' and you have been given a 'quote,' otherwise for 'estimates' (usually, works over a longer period) are charged on a 'day rate' and monies are requested at the end of each work week as work transpires.

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