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Snappy Video Advertising that Drives Traffic to your Website & Brings Work to the Table!

So you want to be seen amongst the social media jungle that exists on the big wide web? You want to stand out on Google and get noticed in your locality? And like us you want to tell new customer's who you are and what you can do for them? Are we right?

The no-nonsense answer to fast and affordable video production on a budget!

We hear you? We at D. K. Joinery wanted the very same. We asked ourselves, how can we stand out from the competition? Ok, yes, we have experience under our belt, we've built up a reputation for honest prices and efficient and professional workmanship but how can we reach out to new customers with that message? People who have not been recommended by our existing customers and know nothing about us.

Well take a peak at Fifty-Squid! Why? Because these guys produce great video's that tell a potential new customer quickly who you are and what you do. You have full control over script, voice over's, styles, colours and fonts for brilliant cost effective prices!

Lots of work entailed? Nope, think again! These guys make it quick and painless. After all you are busy businessmen, no time to waste! The results? These guys will make you look just as you truly are; wonderful!

Splendidly Cost Effective Priced Animation Delivered at Hyper-Speed!

Fifty-Squid's prices start at just £50 depending on what you require. But even if you want a longer, even more snazzier finish you're still only shelling out buttons for an advertisement that you can use year after year on your website, social media and blogs etc.

Video advertising for business's is key in today's fast paced competitive world. They tell people who you are and what services you can provide quickly. People don't have time for long wordy web pages. People are busy!


Reasons to Incorporate Video Alongside Your Business



90% of online customers say video marketing influenced their decision to buy.

250% increase in click-through rate when video is used in email marketing.

46% of website visitors take some action after viewing a video advertisement.

INCREASE SALES 250% more unique monthly website visits.

41% higher click-through rate from search engines.

200% more time spent on your website.

STAND OUT 96% of B2B companies are planning to use video marketing over the next year. 59% of visitors prefer to have products and services explained to them with video. 52% average increase in brand awareness.


Our Experience


We really enjoyed liaising with this company who obviously seem to enjoy their work and take great pride in providing effective professional results. From beginning to end, Fifty-Squid proved to be efficient and co-operative in making sure they produced what you required. Nothing was too much trouble.

Awaiting our results was exciting! When our video was posted out to us via e-mail we jumped up and down! We wanted a humorous element to our video, something that would entertain our audience and keep them listening. Other's may prefer a more corporate finish. It really depends on your business and what you specialise in. You've done you're market research, you know your audience, so tell Fifty-Squid what suits you best. They want you to be happy!

If you're not sure or convinced then check out the video's they produced for us at D.K. Joinery - Wirral YouTube Channel or for various other examples of Fifty-Squids superb work, visit their You Tube channel: Fifty-Squid.

Go ahead order a video that will drive organic traffic to your website and bring reams of work to the table!


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