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A Bespoke Kitchen-Diner Transformation that You'll Covet!

A twenty-two day countdown to a transformation that helped make a customers 'house a home' this winter! - Greasby, Wirral, Merseyside.

Like many today, 'open-plan' living is still proving to be a popular choice over small poky reception rooms that were highly endorsed by the Victorian's. Due to our hectic lifestyles and changes in social behaviour the modern home owner is out growing those victorian matchboxes!

In fact, 'open-plan' living has become a modern obsession!

Have a look at the figures...

  • The number of kitchen-diners have risen by almost 50% in the past decade!

  • One in three homes now features a kitchen-diner.

  • One in five Britons plans to blend their separate living room and cooking spaces into a single area.

So come and take a peak at the transition made to a kitchen/diner in Greasby, Wirral, Merseyside.


The Plans:

Our customer's wanted to create an 'open-plan' living space by knocking down the dividing wall of their kitchen & dining rooms.

They wanted to move their kitchen space into their old dining space where they would have plenty of light coming in from their sliding patio doors leading out into the garden, making it a great open bright space for social gatherings that lead straight into the garden.

Day 1: - 22nd Sept.

​We begin ripping out the old kitchen including it's flooring.

As you can see this is a tiny space!

A little too claustrophobic for our customers!

Here is the dividing wall in question that's separating the two living spaces. Wait until we rip this bad boy down & create one big modern 'open plan' space!

The old traditional British dining area that's greedily stealing all that kitchen space!

Day 3: - 24th Sept.

In the last 2 days we've ripped out the old kitchen, bricked up the old doorway to the dining room & kitchen back door, knocked down the dividing wall & supported the ceiling temporarily with 'Acro Props' ready for the RSJ (Rolled Steel Joint) going in.

Day 5: - 30th Sept.

300 lb supporting RSJ goes in & we get the thumbs up from the building inspector.

Bespoke kitchen delivered!

Day 7: - 2nd Oct.

Suspended ceiling going in, chimney breast opened up & supported with lintel to make space for a large range cooker!

Areas fully cleaned out of debris and ready to fill a skip out front!

Still a way to go but almost a blank canvas ready to make this space look pretty!

Day 12: - 8th Oct.

Fire place made good, lined & all pointed.

Electrics all channelled & prepped for spotlights and electrical sockets etc.

Ceilings & walls all plaster-boarded and plastered. It's beginning to take shape and look like one uniform room!

Day 14: - 15th Oct.

All walls & ceilings painted a bright luminous matt finish white! Much better!

The bespoke gloss 'Shaker' kitchen cupboards being built & put in place.

Exciting! But it's still no kitchen-diner yet!

Day 15: - 16th Oct.

Bespoke gloss 'Shaker' kitchen units all fitted and beginning to route the worktops with a beautiful smooth scribe! We don't want any joints showing now do we!

Day 18: - 22nd Oct.

Breakfast island all plumbed in & taken underneath the floor where all new waste pipes are updated & replaced.

Splash back area tiled with bevelled brick white gloss tiles. We love these! A popular choice.

Spotlights all completed and twinkling beautifully using a dimmer light switch which will control all pelmet & kick board lighting too.

Day 19: - 23rd Oct.

A beautiful European Oak beam fitted & brick work treated with Danish oil to protect it and bring out richer colouring.

Tiling all grouted & brushed steel electrical socket faces on & complete.

Quality laminate flooring fitted, vertical radiator in & large range cooker delivered!

We suppose that's what really makes this a kitchen!

Day 21: - 26th Oct.

Boiler and gas meter all boxed in to match bespoke gloss 'Shaker' kitchen.

Vertical radiator all fitted and looking fabulous!

Appliances fitted, cooker extractor in, breakfast island completed with sink and kitchen door handles all fitted.

99% there and then all done! Just one more final push; the finishing touches!

Day 22: - 28th Oct.

Here we are, today is the final day! Our Job is done and our customer's are delighted and ready to enjoy their new open plan living space!

For mobile phone users: Double click to view large & then scroll through.

If we do say so ourselves, we think she looks spectacular!

A Bespoke Kitchen-Diner Transformation that You'll Covet! - D K JOINERY | Wirral

Have you been toying with the idea of improving your home? Maybe you just want to add value to it for selling? (See our links below for tips & inspiration).

Over the 30 years that we've been in business, we at D K Joinery have carried numerous renovations like this to homes all over Merseyside.

So if your home feels more like a warren of poky rooms than a spacious modern sanctuary, then why not contact us and see how we can transform you're home by making the most of the space you already have!

Contact us on Tel: 07986 44 50 31 or Email: for a 'free no obligation estimate.'

See the transformation on our YouTube channel:

For inspiration have a look at one of our idea books we've put together on Houzz. Click the link here: "Open Plan Idea Book."

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